VSN Tasting

New to natural wine? An up-and-coming expert? Just curious? Book a VSN Tasting and explore a selection of natural wine – and challenge your taste buds! 

Natural wine should be fun! And one of our core beliefs is in a democratization of natural wine – our wine tastings don’t take a dogmatic position but are playful and educational with room for exploration. Regardless of your knowledge, we can tailor-make a night for you and your crew (min. 6 people). To make matters easy, we have some options for you:

SUPER EASY – a simple wine tasting where you will be tasting bubbles, white, orange and a red. Duration: 45 minutes. Price: DKK 395 per person (min. 6 people).

SUPER SUPER – our introduction to natural wine where you’ll be presented with some of the pillars of natural wine in the form of 1 bubbles, 2 whites, 2 oranges and 2 reds. A great way to start your journey into natural wine or brush up on your knowledge. Duration: 1.5 hours. Price: DKK 695 per person (min. 6 people).

SUPER GEEKY – with five exclusive wines from some of the most iconic winemakers, explore the avant-garde that helped put natural wine on the agenda. Served with charcuterie, cheese, and bread. Duration: 1.5 hours. Price: DKK 995 per person (min. 6 people).

Finally, should you want to taste specific types of wine, have a favourite bottle you want to explore, or have a set budget? We can adapt tastings to your wishes and create tastings from DKK 295 per person.

Contact august@vinsupernaturel.com

Less than 6 people? Get in touch. Let's figure something out!