In collaboration with Sabotage (Kyiv), VSN supports the Ukraine Armed Forces by taking donations and sending a bottle of wine (donated by our friends and updated as we run out and new donated bottles come in) with the SABOTAGE special label in return. All proceeds of the donation will go to the support.
Text by VSN

Our friends at Sabotage Wine have something to say:

Be Our Voice

Dear Friends,
On the 26th of February we planned to have the great festival Supernatural Wine Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine. With 3000 of natural wine fans and participation of our winemakers from different countries.
But you know that at 5am on the 24th of February Russia started war against our country. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnepro, and many many many other cities of Ukraine were missile striked and these attacks do not stop. Civils are under attack.

Unfortunately, the enemy continues massive attacks on civil objects, houses, hospitals, nurseries, shelters using even internationally forbidden types of weapons for residential areas. The attacks on the parts close to the Polish border shows that the ambitions of the Russian invasion are not limited by the borders of Ukraine.
The Ukrainians are heroically standing for our lives, independence, freedom, and our common peaceful future. The way we stand nobody expected. We are extremely proud of being Ukrainians and grateful to our brave army and resistance.
At this point we would like to THANK YOU!

Your support, participation, thoughts, and whatever actions are priceless to us! We feel we are not alone. We have the best friends and partners ever all over the world!!
We start receiving some meaningful help.

We ask to speak for us. BE OUR VOICE! We won’t stop! Together we are unbeatable and unstoppable!
We turn to you today with a request to share this information in your country, business associations, chambers of commerce. Please request imposing sanctions against aggressor. Speak for us. Be our voice!
You know us, we are friendly nation who loves fantastic wines and food that we have been importing from all over the world to bring your cultures to Ukraine. We are Ukrainians, we are peaceful and free nation. Help us to save our country and families.
From Ukraine with love,
Wine Bureau Team, Sabotage Wine

Sabotage Wine x VSN
Donate now! All proceeds go to Ukraine's Armed Forces. We will send a bottle of wine in return (please note that due to the nature of this project, delivery time is up to 1 week).

We have uploaded the label as an open source file - feel free to use it as you please! Print it, put it on your own wine! Spread the word. Available for download below:

Download the assets here.