In conversation with PILAT, our Open Call winner
Pil Anna Tesdorpf shares her thoughts on art, wine, inspirations, bicycling and the beauty of murals.
Text by VSN
In conversation with PILAT, our Open Call winner - VIN SUPER NATUREL

We caught up with the winner of our Open Call Label competition, PILAT, who not only created the unique label but also came up with the name “La Ruta del Vino” (meaning “the wine-route” in Spanish). It perfectly encapsulates the origins of the wine as well as the free-spirited summer vibe in the city that PILAT calls home.

Can you tell us a little about yourself first and how you ended up doing illustration & art?
My name is Pil Anna Tesdorpf, but I use the artist name PILAT, as people always misspell my last name. I work as a freelance illustrator, making posters, packaging designs, visual identities, and murals. I have been drawing my whole life. In school I used to get in trouble drawing on the tables. I have later taken a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, but I currently work mostly as an illustrator.   

What are the main themes you try to tackle or place in your work?
I like to portray everyday life with a subtle hint of feminism. A majority of the characters in my illustrations are females, doing everyday activities such as commuting or doing sports. It is important for me to be as inclusive as possible, and represent different cultures and ethnicities in my illustrations

Your style ranges from more painterly compositions to bold, flat coloured prints, how does this breadth influence the way you translate ideas to reality?
I use a lot of different techniques, from digital illustration, gouache painting, acrylics and watercolor. Each technique has its own expression, from the soft tones in watercolor, to the bold block colors I use with my digital illustration. I travel a lot, which gives me the opportunity to learn new techniques, and get inspiration from various places. I have spent a lot of time in Cambodia, and I think the warm bold colors of the temple paintings have been a great inspiration for my work. 


What was the inspiration behind La Ruta de Vino?
When I think of summer and wine, I think of happy people on their bicycles, biking through the city with bare arms and a smile on their face. Biking to their next refreshment with good friends. This is the mood I tried to capture in the label; the feeling of freedom biking through the city, and that easy-going bubbliness you have after a glass of wine.

Are there any dream things, places or people you’d like to design for?
A dream of mine is to make a huge mural in Nordvest. I live in Nordvest and personally think it is the greatest place on earth. However there are also a lot of ugly cement buildings that I would love to add some colour to. I began making murals last year. I love the process of making a mural, of turning a small sketch into a huge piece. I love the fact that murals are accessible to so many people in their everyday lives.

Do you have a wine (or tipple) of choice? & where would you ideally love to be drinking this?
I need to be honest, I don't have a lot of knowledge of wine, even though I love drinking it. I am very fortunate to have friends who are passionate and well read on the subject. I let them order for me, and I have never been disappointed.

Do you have any exciting plans for summer?
Yes, I am moving to Barcelona in late September to study for a master in Illustration. Until then I will enjoy the Danish sun, and drink lots of wine.