An extraordinary union of wine and basketball
Last month, we collaborated with Berlin-based communications agency BAM and Danish Spacon & X on a pop-up in BAM’s open space in Kreuzberg. The project turned into a multi-faceted space of natural wine, fashion, design, and basketball.
Text by Caroline Berner Kühl
An extraordinary union of wine and basketball - VIN SUPER NATUREL

How exactly do you combine basketball, natural wine, fashion, and design? By re-thinking the expected, and going with the ebb and flow of ideas, engaging creatives that are not afraid to break the mold. We wanted to create something that didn’t exist before. And we know we are onto something when it doesn’t make sense to anyone but us at first.

At VSN, we strive to engage in conversations with like-minded individuals, and our pop-up in Berlin last month was no exception. The starting point and heart of the project was a passion for basketball. VSN’s Jonathan Soriano and Phil G. Lovelace from BAM first met back in 2008 and quickly discovered their shared love for the game. The two put their heads together to create the unique project in Berlin transforming this passion into a surprising union of natural wine and basketball.

Following the four quarters of the classic basketball game, we presented nine wines for the VSN X BAM collaboration in four drops sourced from six different distilleries. The wines, red, white, and sparkling, introduce the subject of natural wine in an accessible way with lighthearted, easygoing bouquets. This is key for VSN – making natural wine less of a closed club.


BAM’s space was made into a pop-up wine shop and a basketball court, designed by Spacon & X, who translated the unconventional bottle design and bright colours of the collaboration into an architectural concept. Their unconventional approach worked perfectly with our vision, embodying the transformation of space and volume into multifaceted activities.

It was almost a given that the project would embrace a line of merch – custom basketballs, hoodies, T-shirts, caps, and scarves. The VSN x BAM merch is yet another example of VSN being a lifestyle brand more than anything else. 

Essentially, this is how you combine street culture, art, fashion, and design. And wine of course!

The merchandise and wine are now available at the Copenhagen store and online!

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