About us

The foundation for VinSuperNaturel was laid in 2015 by Jonathan Soriano & Joachim Friis, who both had a great interest in natural wine and wine with low intervention. The great interest resulted in an idea to make this type of wine more accessible, and to spread the word.

Shortly afterwards, vinsupernaturel.dk was set up because it was difficult to find a website that only sold natural wines and that had a large selection all year round.

Since then, our universe has quietly grown, and today we have a physical store, import wines, make VSN merchandise and engage in a lot of exciting collaborations. We actually see VSN as an entertainment company run on natural wine.

One of our specialties is The VSN Wine Projects.

WHAT IS VSN Wine Project?

VSN Wine Projects is a collaboration between a selected wine producer and VinSuperNaturel. It can be special cuvées or existing wines, which are made in a special edition, which will only be found in VinSuperNaturel.

We pay tribute to our producers by focusing on the wine in question, and passing on the story about it. Each VSN Wine Project has a special label, which is made by different artists, which we thereby support. The vision of the project is to focus on natural wine, and make it easier for everyone to relate to.

We hope you enjoy what you find on the site

Team VSN